Since our humble beginning in 2010 we have recognized the importance of sharing our activities with our supporters and communities to let everyone know that every donation or grant that we receive is truly being used to benefit the animals that we either take into our care or help with our extensive TNR program.

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)
TNR has been and remains a huge part of what ARGONN does in our efforts to curb overpopulation of feral cats as well as to help those ferals live happier, healthier lives in their own environment. An added benefit is better neighborhood tolerance for the ferals – once they are no longer multiplying they tend to be quieter and more peaceful amongst themselves!

TNR - 2016211

Foster to Adoption Program
Starting in 2016 ARGONN supports the Shelter Animals Count program for reporting on a monthly basis our foster to adoption statistics. This matrix includes our monthly intake and outcomes which are accumulated into an annual report.

Beginning Animal Count - 2016Canine 0 Feline 12
Year end animal count014
Animal Intake
Stray at large0117
Relinquished by owner050
Transferred in022
Other intakes014
Total live intake0203
Animal Outcomes - Live
Transferred out0112
Subtotal live outcomes0189

Animal outcomes - other
Died in care012
Lost in care00
Subtotal other outcomes012
Total outcomes0201

Percentages show at a glance the success of our mission (and effort) to save as many lives as possible. They are calculated on the total live outcomes divided by the total intake for the year. Sadly we are sometimes faced with tragedy but in our world where we are rescuing cats and kittens from every possible situation it is inevitable that a few will not survive.
In 2016 our save rate was 93.1%

Prior to 2016, ARGONN was reporting our monthly activity, including TNR through the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets matrix program but that ended when Best Friends merged their matrix with Shelter Animals Count.

Beginning count 2015Canine 0Feline 3
Animal Intake0
Animal Live Outcomes0218
Died in Care011
Year-end Count012
Save rate090.4%
Beginning Animal Count - 2014 Canine 0Feline 9
Animal Intake086
Animal Live Outcomes

Died in care011
Year-end Count03
Save Rate086%
Beginning Animal Count - 2013Canines 0Felines 0
Animal Intake732
Animal Live Outcomes729
Died in Care02
Year-End Count09
Save Rate100%90.6%
TNRCanine 0Feline 39