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If there is a particular kitten or cat that you are interested in, please contact us and we will do our utmost to arrange for an introduction.

If you've settled on the one you want on this page, please go to our ADOPTION PAGE.  Please fill out an Adoption Application and submit it to us as soon as possible. The Adoption Contract will be completed at the time of actual adoption.

Because we do not have a shelter, we rely on Foster families to raise the kittens that we rescue to an age that they are ready for adoption.  If the word "transferred" appears for a certain cat/kitten in our Happy Tails listing it means that he/she has moved out of foster to a larger rescue facility, like the SPCA of Northern Nevada or the Nevada Humane Society.  The added exposure provides the best possible opportunity for each one to find their purrrfect forever home!

Please note that all cats and kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to final adoption.



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Handsome Micha

Age: (Emily's) DOB 1/18/17
Sex: Micha - male
Description: Each and every one of these adorable fur-babies will melt any heart, but each deserves a very special home, so put in an application to adopt before they are all gone! And now little Micha is the only one still waiting for his purrrfect home ...

Meet Mini Mew

Age: (Mini Mew) DOB 12/28/16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: This super-soft little girl with the clown face is curious and independent. She loves to climb and ends up on the high places before either of her brothers. She tends to be a little more reserved than her brothers, but still enjoys a good snuggle.

Tommy 1

Introducing Tommy ....

Tommy 3

Oh so handsome!

Tommy 2

Siamese beauty.

Age: (Tommy) Unknown, possibly 4 - 5 years
Sex: Male, neutered and microchipped
Description: Not much is known about this beautiful Siamese boy - he showed up possibly abandoned, his microchip unregistered. In foster he is extremely affectionate, gets along with other cats and truly needs a second chance with a family that will love him in the comforts of home that he obviously is accustomed to.

SiSi 1

This is SiSi

SiSi 2

Beautiful girl ......

SiSi 3

but behind those stunning eyes is sadness

Age: (SiSi) Adult, about 6 years old
Sex: Female, spayed
Description: SiSi was once loved but later badly psychologically abused by her owner. It's taken a full year for her to trust again and become the lovebug that shows her true nature. But she has scars - she needs a quiet home as an only pet, with someone who will lovingly respond to her demands for human affection. All she wants is that second chance at a life of love and companionship.

Jacob 1

Meet Jacob.

Jacob and Esau

Stunningly handsome!

Age: (Jacob) Approx. 3 months as of 6/18/16
Sex: Male, neutered
Description: Jacob and his brother Esau arrived as feral kittens that were mistakenly caught in a trap in Mid-June. Since then they have come a long way to trusting humans and would love to grow up in a home with a loving family who understands their background and will help them to blossom to their full and lovable potential.

Esau 1

This is Esau.

Jacob and Esau 2

Esau on the right, Jacob on the left ....

Age: (Esau) Approx. 3 months as of 6/18/16
Sex: Male, neutered
Description: Esau arrived with his brother Jacob after a TNR event but both were simply not feral enough to return to their original environment. In foster they are doing great, and Esau is ready to find a forever home that will be patient and loving to help him to become completely trusting of humans.

Happy Tails

We love to celebrate and share the excitement of every kitty that finds their forever loving home.  By posting our recent happy tails, we hope that you will enjoy these moments of happiness as much as we do.

This is Indy

Age: (Indy) DOB 12/28/16
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: The runt of the litter, Indy is named for his black footpads. It looks like he walked over a pad of black India ink! Being the smallest may be what made him the most energetic. He runs, plays and wrestles with his siblings, and then falls asleep in a warm lap.

Meet Meowser

a purrfectly symmectrical Tuxedo!

Age: (Meowser) Approx 2 years
Sex: Male, neutered
Description: Meowser was found on the golf course in Fernley and sadly no-one has come forward for him. He is a TOTAL lovebug! However, he has tested FIV positive - need not be a deal-breaker as long as he doesn't fight with any other cats because FIV is spread only through deep-tissue cat bites. He is so deserving of a second chance at a purrrfect forever home.

Please don't pass him by ..... he is a truly wonderful cat!!!

Introducing Tux

Age: (Tux) DOB 12/28/16
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Tux is a go-getter and fast as the wind. He has a loud purr when held close and is ready to spread his wings and add love to a forever home.

Truffle 1

Introducing Truffle

Truffle 2

Such a cuddly baby ...

Truffle 3

Purrrfect little Tortoiseshell!

Age: (Truffle) Born 4/12/16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Truffle was raised from birth in foster along with her mom and 5 siblings. She gets along great with everybody - cats, kittens, dogs and children. This well-adjusted little girl is looking for her forever home with a family who will love and understand her torti-attitude!


Meet Peanut


Never been a mom, but so tolerant of other foster kittens!


Soft and cuddly ....

Age: (Peanut) Young adult, just over 1 year old
Sex: Female, spayed.
Description: Peanut is a total character, quite apart from her adorable face and wonderful calico coat. She is a speed demon at play - she covers ground faster than any camera could capture. But she has a very gentle side too - she will curl up in your lap and cuddle and demand all the attention that you can give her. She is a wonderful little foster mom to other foster kittens too! Delightful in every way, she needs a very special home!

This is Blayze .....

too adorable for words!

Flame point Siamese

Age: (Blayze) Approx 6 months at mid-December
Sex: Male, Neutered
Description: Blayze is soooo laid-back and sweet! He loves to be cuddled but is a typical playful kitten too. He's been raised around children and other cats, so he would certainly like kitty company. He's ready to go just as soon as his purrrfect family comes along ...

Alethea's brother Osiris

Age: (Osiris) 4 - 5 months
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Osiris is an adorable little ginger furball with lots of energy and love to give. He is playful, curious, loves his sister Alethea, but loves human attention too. He needs a home that will nurture his gentle side and delight in his kittenish antics.

This is Alethea

Age: (Alethea) Approx. 4 - 5 months
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Alethea is a little calico with cattitude, but she is also very sweet. She loves to play, is always looking for new adventures, and would love to be your new fun-loving and affectionate family member.

Meet Cash

Age: (Cash) Approx. 4 - 5 months
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Yes he is named for Johnny Cash! And yes his favorite blue ball will come with him .... he loves to play and he plays hard! Cash is the ultimate little black cat - adventurous, always looking for something to do, loves to be loved in a very gentle and undemanding way, although sometimes he will jump to his human from wherever he may be perched! He loves crinkly shopping bags!

This is Minky

Minky and her brother Max

Age: (Minky) Approx. 3 - 4 months
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Minky is a total little sweetheart with the sweetest, naughtiest little face. She is very playful, very curious and loves lots of attention, just like any loving little girl. She plays hard with her brother and other kittens and it would be great to see her in a home with a playmate.

Introducing Max

Age: (Max) Approx. 3 - 4 months
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Max is an absolute little character with the most endearing personality ever! He is playful, curious, lovable and a total delight to watch as he darts from toy to toy and then tumbles with his sister Minky or one of the other foster kittens.

Meet Chloe

Age: (Chloe) Approx. 4 - 5 months
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Chloe is a very dilute grey calico with cattitude to match. She is self-assured and somewhat independent but if you know calicos you also know that they are the sweetest personalities! She loves to play, particularly chasing a ball, and loves to be a little lap cat too.


Meet Steffen


Purrrrfect little Tuxedo!


Age: (Steffen) Approx. 10 weeks
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: The second "little Royal" - Laid back, soft and fluffy describes Steffen. Loves his snuggles . . . and shows he can climb, too!


Meet Mally


Such a cute face!


Great little baby sitter too ...

Age: (Mally) Approx. 4 months
Sex: Male, neutered 11/15/16
Description: We don't know much about his early weeks, but since being in our foster care Mally is a favorite. He is gentle but playful, loves affection, gets along well with other cats and kittens and dogs. He would be ideal in a home where a tiny kitten might be too much to take on but an older kitten will be an absolutely delightful addition.


Introducing Pirate



Age: (Pirate) Approx. DOB 7/10/2016
Sex: Male, neutered 11/29/16
Description: Such a little cutie with his black patch over one eye, just like a pirate! But he will melt any heart with his loving nature too .... and he gets along with dogs and other cats.


This is Katniss



Age: (Katniss) Approx. DOB 7/10/2016
Sex: Female, spayed 11/29/16
Description: Sweet as can be, this little girl loves to play with her siblings and get lots of human attention too. She is used to dogs and older cats too.


Meet "Little Baby"



Age: (Little Baby) 4 - 5 years
Sex: Female, spayed and microchipped
Description: Sadly, just like humans, there are cases where cats just can't get along with each other. After 2 years of trying Little Baby's owner feels that this beautiful kitty deserves to be happy in a new home. She needs lots of love in a home where she is not competing with other cats for attention. Please don't pass her by!


This is Rue



Age: (Rue) Approx. DOB 7/10/2016
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Just patiently awaiting her purrrfect forever family to find her ..... Rue loves to play and explore, but is also laid back and cuddly. Such a pretty kitten!


This is Rosie


Age: (Rosie) Approx. DOB 7/10/2016
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Such a little doll-baby! Rosie is playful and lovable and cuddly and everything that you would want in a hand-raised kitten. Now all that she needs is a forever family to nurture her to maturity and love her for a life-time.


My name is Pita



Age: (Pita) Approx. DOB 7/10/2016
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Who can resist this precious little face just asking to be adopted into a forever home that will give him all the toys and love that he needs and deserves. He loves his siblings, and he gets along with dogs too.


This is Jewel


Super Sweet


Curious and confidant ....

Age: (Jewel) Approx. 5 months
Sex: Female, spayed 11/29/16
Description: Brought to us as a stray this little girl is nothing but love at first sight! Confidant, playful, curious and OH SOOO lovable! All she needs is a home where she will be safe and loved forever - she will reward her human with never ending affection.


Meet Sonja


Sweetest little Tuxedo!


Age: (Sonja) Approx. 10 weeks
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: The third of our "little Royals". A little shy and reserved, Sonja craves gentle loving. Toys, for her, are something to curl up inside of and take a short break.


Meet Sofia


Cutest little Tuxedo ever!


Age (Sofia) Approx. 10 weeks
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: The first of our precious "little Royals" This energetic little rascal is just the cutest with that blaze on her face! She loves toys and can play by herself or with her siblings, if they let her.

Piper 4

Meet Piper

Piper 5

Such a delight to watch!

Piper 7

Such a sweet kitten.

Age: (Piper) Approx. 4 1/2 months at 9/6/16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Piper is the quintessential little black and white love bug! Slightly independent, she plays hard, is curious about everything, but loves those tender moments in a lap. She is great with other cats, no exposure to dogs yet.

Penny 5

Meet Penny

Penny 4

Pretty markings, gorgeous eyes!

Penny 3

She's growing up fast!

Age: (Penny) Approx. 4 1/2 months at 9/6/16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Penny is a real little sweetheart - lovable, playful and cuddly. She is looking for her purrrfect family to call her own and she will reward you with her delightful personality and exceptionally gentle nature.

Lionel 1

This is Lionel

Lionel 2

Confidant and cuddly .....

Lionel 3

"Hear me ROAR!"

Age: (Lionel) About 8 weeks
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Lionel is the runt of the litter, but he would never let you know that ... he is confident, curious, and very, very cute! He is looking for his forever home that will appreciate his larger-than-life personality and nurture him into adulthood and beyond.