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Because we do not have a shelter, we rely on Foster families to raise the kittens that we rescue to an age that they are ready for adoption.  If the word "transferred" appears for a certain cat/kitten in our Happy Tails listing it means that he/she has moved out of foster to a larger rescue facility, like the SPCA of Northern Nevada or the Nevada Humane Society.  The added exposure provides the best possible opportunity for each one to find their purrrfect forever home!

Please note that all cats and kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to final adoption.



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3 precious little tuxedo girls .......

..... and their adorable all-black brother.

Age: (Tiffany's 4) DOB 4/14/17
Sex: 3 females, 1 male, none yet fixed
Description: This adorable litter of 4 are delighting their foster mom with love and cuddles and lots of fun! They are ready to move on to furrrever families that will watch them grow and enjoy them as much as we do ....

Sweet, shy little Jeanie

Age: (Jeanie) Approx. 12 weeks at 6/20
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Jeanie and Jethro were found at about 7 weeks old in an old truck - Mom was feral. Careful nurturing and lots of love has helped Jeanie to learn that a human touch is good, but she is still quite shy. Do you have the time and patience to help Jeanie blossom into the beautiful kitty that she can be?

Learning to trust ....

Age: (Jethro) Approx 12 weeks at 6/20
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Jethro and his sister Jeanie had a tough start in life with their feral mom in a dirty old truck. Jethro has learned to trust and appreciate human attention, but he's still a little shy. Could you be the purrrfect parent that Jethro needs to love him furrever?

This is Bagheera ....

.... his brother Carbarus ....

.... and another brother Einstein.

Age: (Bagheera, Carbarus, Einstein) DOB 4/1/17
Sex: All males, not yet neutered
Description: Siblings from a litter of 8 wonderful, healthy, playful, lovable kittens. Take your pick on short hair, medium hair or long hair ..... they're all looking for their special forever home, and you could be the one!

Sister to Bagheera, Carbarus and Einstein ....

... and then there is Maui ....

Age: (Malani, Mango, Maui) DOB 4/1/17
Sex: All female, not yet spayed
Description: What a colorful litter, totaling 8! Mom is a gorgeous Torti (now spayed). Oh what fun they are to watch play and climb and tussle with each other .... are you going to become a parent to one of these lil darlings?

Age: (Sirene) Approx. 10 weeks at 6/13
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Sirene was found in a yard as a lonely little orphan in the middle of May. She is totally adorable! Playful, lovable, and curious about everything in her newfound world. Her long hair will need grooming and care, but she will make a wonderful addition to a loving home.

Meet Sugar and Spice

Age: (Sugar & Spice) Approx 10 weeks at 5/31/17
Sex: Both female, not yet spayed
Description: These little girls are the most loving and laid back kittens ever! They were found in a garage together and would probably love to stay together, but not essential. The purrrfect home is what really matters!

Age: (Kilo) Approx. 8 weeks as of 6/13
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Kilo came to us as a little orphan at the end of May. He was a little shy, but in good health. Now, with lots of other kittens to play with in his foster home he is much happier and relaxed. We would love him to be adopted into a multi-cat family, only because he made it so obvious that he loves kitty company!

Age: (Holly) Approx. 10 weeks at 6/13
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Holly arrived on 4/20 as a tiny 4-week old kitten paralyzed in her back legs. Excellent care has made her our miracle baby! She runs, she plays, she cuddles ... she is purrrfectly normal now ..... but she will need a very special home that will continue to monitor her progress and be prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Introducing Odie

Age: (Odie) Approx 8 weeks as of 5/31
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: This little guy just wants to play and play and play .... and cuddle of course! He will definitely do best in a house with at least one other kitty for companionship.

This is Kalynne

Age: (Kalynne) Approx: 10 weeks at May 16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Kalynne is the cutest little Calico with an energetic and playful personality, but she also loves to be loved. She is ready to find her furrever home that she can explore in an environment that will cherish her forever!

This is Kiera

Age: (Kiera) Approx. 10 weeks at May 16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Just as cute as her sister Kalynne, Kiera is playful, inquisitive, and lovable too. If you love Calicos, she could be the purrrfect match for you.

Meet Kyle

Age: (Kyle) Approx. 10 weeks at May 16
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Brother to Kiera, Kalynne and Kaleb this is THE little black cat that you always wanted to cuddle with, play with and love to the moon and back! Kyle is such a delightful baby and deserves nothing but the best, always .....

This is Tippy (can you see why?)

Age: (Tippy) Approx 3 months as of May 1
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Tippy (named for the perfect white tip on his grey tail) came into foster care at about 10 weeks old. He loves to play with all the other foster kittens, but knows how to make the best of a lap to nap on as well. He has a regal attitude that gives the impression that he is king of his world, but also understands the comfort of a warm cuddle.

Introducing Kaleb ...

... Kato ...

.... and Kobe.

Age: (The K Boys) Approx 9 weeks
Sex: All males, not yet neutered
Description: Despite being born to a feral mom and living the first seven weeks of their lives under a house, these three boys quickly learned that humans are nice to be around . . . and good for climbing up, napping on, and cuddling with! They're even catching on that dogs can be okay, too.

Tommy 1

Introducing Tommy ....

Tommy 3

Oh so handsome!

Tommy 2

Siamese beauty.

Age: (Tommy) Unknown, possibly 4 - 5 years
Sex: Male, neutered and microchipped
Description: Not much is known about this beautiful Siamese boy - he showed up possibly abandoned, his microchip unregistered. In foster he is extremely affectionate, gets along with other cats and truly needs a second chance with a family that will love him in the comforts of home that he obviously is accustomed to.

SiSi 1

This is SiSi

SiSi 2

Beautiful girl ......

SiSi 3

but behind those stunning eyes is sadness

Age: (SiSi) Adult, about 6 years old
Sex: Female, spayed
Description: SiSi was once loved but later badly psychologically abused by her owner. It's taken a full year for her to trust again and become the lovebug that shows her true nature. But she has scars - she needs a quiet home as an only pet, with someone who will lovingly respond to her demands for human affection. All she wants is that second chance at a life of love and companionship.

Esau 1

This is Esau.

Jacob and Esau 2

Esau on the right, Jacob on the left ....

Age: (Esau) Approx. 3 months as of 6/18/16
Sex: Male, neutered
Description: Esau arrived with his brother Jacob after a TNR event but both were simply not feral enough to return to their original environment. In foster they are doing great, and Esau is ready to find a forever home that will be patient and loving to help him to become completely trusting of humans.

Happy Tails

We love to celebrate and share the excitement of every kitty that finds their forever loving home.  By posting our recent happy tails, we hope that you will enjoy these moments of happiness as much as we do.

Age: (Moana, Tanner) DOB 4/1/17
Sex: Both female, not yet spayed
Description: These 2 little sweethearts round out our colorful litter of 8! Each and every one is SOOOOO adorable, and impatiently waiting for just the purrrrfect forever family to come in and scoop them up in a cloud of love and tenderness ....

little cuddle-bug

Precious baby!

Age: (Woody) Est. DOB 4/10/17
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: The ultimate little tabby cat! Sweet, loving, cuddly, but curious and playful too. Woody needs a loving, gentle family that will nurture him and appreciate his gentle personality.

Jacob 1

Meet Jacob.

Jacob and Esau

Stunningly handsome!

Age: (Jacob) Approx. 3 months as of 6/18/16
Sex: Male, neutered
Description: Jacob and his brother Esau arrived as feral kittens that were mistakenly caught in a trap in Mid-June. Since then they have come a long way to trusting humans and would love to grow up in a home with a loving family who understands their background and will help them to blossom to their full and lovable potential.

This is Merriweather

Age: (Merriweather) Approx DOB 3/1/17
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: The only baby born to Stormy and Sunny, Merriweather joined our foster program to be fully socialized for adoption. She has typical Calico 'catitude', but that only adds to her adorable personality. She is playful, curious, and now loves to be cuddled too. A nurturing, loving environment would be best for this little girl to ensure that she remains as lovable as she is right now.

Handsome Micha

Age: (Emily's) DOB 1/18/17
Sex: Micha - male
Description: Each and every one of these adorable fur-babies will melt any heart, but each deserves a very special home, so put in an application to adopt before they are all gone! And now little Micha is the only one still waiting for his purrrfect home ...

Meet Mini Mew

Age: (Mini Mew) DOB 12/28/16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: This super-soft little girl with the clown face is curious and independent. She loves to climb and ends up on the high places before either of her brothers. She tends to be a little more reserved than her brothers, but still enjoys a good snuggle.

Meet Muff ........

... and Puff.

We call them 'the bear cubs'!

Age: (Bear cubs) Approx 8 weeks as of May 1
Sex: Both female, not yet spayed
Description: These two darlings came into foster care fully socialized and ready to cuddle. Looking like little bear cubs, these fuzzy babies are PURRfect little kittens. Puff is a little bolder and darker while Muff is the cuddlier one with more silver highlights.

This is Indy

Age: (Indy) DOB 12/28/16
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: The runt of the litter, Indy is named for his black footpads. It looks like he walked over a pad of black India ink! Being the smallest may be what made him the most energetic. He runs, plays and wrestles with his siblings, and then falls asleep in a warm lap.

Meet Meowser


a purrfectly symmectrical Tuxedo!

Age: (Meowser) Approx 2 years
Sex: Male, neutered
Description: Meowser was found on the golf course in Fernley and sadly no-one has come forward for him. He is a TOTAL lovebug! However, he has tested FIV positive - need not be a deal-breaker as long as he doesn't fight with any other cats because FIV is spread only through deep-tissue cat bites. He is so deserving of a second chance at a purrrfect forever home.

Please don't pass him by ..... he is a truly wonderful cat!!!

Introducing Tux

Age: (Tux) DOB 12/28/16
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Tux is a go-getter and fast as the wind. He has a loud purr when held close and is ready to spread his wings and add love to a forever home.

Introducing Truffle

Truffle 2

Such a cuddly baby ...

Truffle 3

Purrrfect little Tortoiseshell!

Age: (Truffle) Born 4/12/16
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Truffle was raised from birth in foster along with her mom and 5 siblings. She gets along great with everybody - cats, kittens, dogs and children. This well-adjusted little girl is looking for her forever home with a family who will love and understand her torti-attitude!

Meet Peanut


Never been a mom, but so tolerant of other foster kittens!


Soft and cuddly ....

Age: (Peanut) Young adult, just over 1 year old
Sex: Female, spayed.
Description: Peanut is a total character, quite apart from her adorable face and wonderful calico coat. She is a speed demon at play - she covers ground faster than any camera could capture. But she has a very gentle side too - she will curl up in your lap and cuddle and demand all the attention that you can give her. She is a wonderful little foster mom to other foster kittens too! Delightful in every way, she needs a very special home!

This is Blayze

too adorable for words!

Flame point Siamese

Age: (Blayze) Approx 6 months at mid-December
Sex: Male, Neutered
Description: Blayze is soooo laid-back and sweet! He loves to be cuddled but is a typical playful kitten too. He's been raised around children and other cats, so he would certainly like kitty company. He's ready to go just as soon as his purrrfect family comes along ...

Alethea's brother Osiris

Age: (Osiris) 4 - 5 months
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Description: Osiris is an adorable little ginger furball with lots of energy and love to give. He is playful, curious, loves his sister Alethea, but loves human attention too. He needs a home that will nurture his gentle side and delight in his kittenish antics.

This is Alethea

Age: (Alethea) Approx. 4 - 5 months
Sex: Female, not yet spayed
Description: Alethea is a little calico with cattitude, but she is also very sweet. She loves to play, is always looking for new adventures, and would love to be your new fun-loving and affectionate family member.