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Bryce and Lisa's Cats

Fonzie and Fiona .. Female Tabby and Domestic Black and White

Age: Fonzie is 5 and Fiona is 12 (May 21, 2016)

We picked up Fiona from the Humane Society in 2008. She had been turned back in to Humane Society, we think for biting and not a loving attitude. In Aug 2011 we got Fonzie from a lady at our Good Stuff Sale as a 8 wk old kitten. From that point on, Fiona completely changed her attitude as she instantly accepted Fonzie. They became the best of friends and Fiona became more loving to us also. We love how Fiona has changed into a most loving cat from her early days with us. 

We named our new aggressive kitten THE FONZ because "he" was so fearless toward our adult Fiona. When we took THE FONZ in for his shots, the vet asked, why did we name this beautiful female kitten..THE FONZ. We were told that it was a male and when we discovered "SHE" was a female we renamed her FONZARELLA..nickname FONZIE.

Definitely an adoption success story.

OPIE.... We found OPIE at one of our adoption fairs in early 2013. His name at that time was LOVER BOY because he was such a loving little kitten. At that time we were watching a lot of reruns with Andy Griffith and "Opie". Opie was so adorable and innocent that we just had to rename LOVER BOY to OPIE... As of this time, OPIE is still giving us lots of love. A wonderful addition to our 2 other cats, Fiona and Fonzie...(5/21/14)

BILLY... He found us in Nov. 2012. We have a feral colony that we continually feed each day and just before Thanksgiving 2012 he showed up on our porch very hungry and thin. We noticed immediately he was very tame as he wanted to jump up on our lap. Once on our lap we also noticed he had been declawed. We took a photo of him and posted it in our local Post Office to see if we could find his home.Sandy, the postal worker immediately recognized "Billy" as her cat that had been missing for some time. She came over on her lunch hour that day and took Billy home. We live on the East side of the Truckee river and Sandy lives on the West side of the river....never the less Billy was back at our place the very next day.

Billy is such a wonderful big ol tabby, he constantly helps us do our outdoor chores and constantly purrs when on our laps.He also loves to walk with us when we need our exercise around the mobile home park. He is probably around 4 at this point (5/21/14) and seems to do just fine in his outdoor lifestyle. He wants to come inside but Fiona is not happy about that, so he has become our OUTDOOR CAT but we love him dearly as we do our INDOOR CATS.