Thank You Community!!!!


 SHOE DRIVE SUCCESS!! After 2 months of collecting and bagging, we bagged the last shoes last night for a total of 70 bags of 25 pairs per bag! This morning we loaded everything onto a Funds2orgs truck. All shoes will end up with micro-enterprises around the world who will sell them to their local communities. It's a real win - win!! ARGONN is paid by the pound for the shoes, mom-and-pop enterprises make a living, and folk in 3rd world countries are the ultimate beneficiaries with affordable shoes for their families!
A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our success - the generous donors, the stores and businesses that acted as dropoff locations, and the volunteers who spent hours counting and bagging shoes. Our target was 100 bags, but we finished strong with 70 bags and we are thrilled! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! 

All of the hard work was totally worth it by the look on these ladies faces!

One of our young ARGONN members collecting shoes!

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