The Purrrfect Match!

 If you find your purrrfect family addition here, please either contact us or submit an application for adoption by email at  Please include a contact telephone number for us to reach you at.  We'll put you in touch with the foster parent to arrange a meet and greet.  


Age: 12 weeks at 5/26

Sex: Female, spayed 5/22/18

Description:  Such a sweet and innocent little soul.  Rumpelteazer loves to follow you around until she gets the attention that she deserves.  She loves her toys, and other kitties too.


Age: Approx 10 months
Sex: Male, Neutered 8/31/17
Description: Kaleb is so handsome, so energetic, and so playful. He gets along with other kitties just fine and is patiently waiting for his furrever family to come along and snatch him up into a home where love and fun abounds 


 Age:  Approx. 4 months at 11/3

Sex:  Female, spayed 10/24

Description:  Gidget has a super-soft long muted tabby coat, but needs a family that will build her confidence and encourage her lovable personality.


 Age:  Adult, approx. 7 years

Sex:  Female, spayed, utd with shots

Description:  Lulu is a gorgeous torti and white girl with a tragic history - her first mom passed, and her second mom is moving into assisted living which leaves Lulu homeless once again.  Is your heart big enough to give her another chance at happiness and love?

Big Boy

Age: Adult
Sex: Male, neutered 5/22/18
Description: This stunning Himalayan has a story to tell - he was found alone and wandering at Lake Lahontan, but he was obviously a beloved cat at one time.  He really deserves a second chance at love and the luxuries of home! 


Age:  Adult

Sex:  Female, spay after kittens are weaned.

Description:  Lizzy was rescued by a kind lady just before she gave birth to 6 grey kittens.  She is a total lovebug!  Please don't pass her by if you're looking  for a sweet and lovable companion.


Age:  7 weeks at 5/14/18

Sex: Male, not yet neutered

Description:  You'd never know this guy came from a feral situation.  He's been a  social bug from the start!  His name says it all about his relationship  to his foster mom.  Always ready to play, but often content just to  stake out a lap to get the attention he craves. 


Age: Approx. 6 months

 Sex: Female, spayed 8/8/17 Description: Oh, what a pretty girl you are Kiera! Kierra is very affectionate but loves to play too. She has a colorful personality to match her beautiful calico markings .... now all she needs is the purrfect family to call her own.  


Age:  7 weeks at 5/14/18

Sex:  Male, not yet neutered

Description:   The last to seek human contact, Waffles can be a little "squirrely" when  he's picked up, but he doesn't run away . . . unless he's running to  play!  He just needs a little more convincing that snuggling is a good  thing.  He's a bit of a challenge, waiting to be conquered with love. 


Age:  Dob 3/20/18

Sex:  Male, Neuter 6/15/18

Description:  Very outgoing and sweet, this little cutie is just dying to meet you.


Age: DOB 3/20/18

Sex:  Female, spay 6/15/18

Description:  Storm is a lovebug just waiting for you to bring out the best of her developing personality.

Tiger and Jewel

Age:  DOB 3/20/18

Sex:  Tiger - male, Jewel - female.  Fix date is 6/15/18

Description:  Slightly shyer than their siblings, they will both blossom with a little encouragement and patience.

Sox aka Trash Panda

Sox (Courtesy posting)

Age:  Approx. 5 months

Sex:  Female, spayed

Description:  This little tuxedo girl is a little shy and independent but she certainly enjoys her creature comforts. She is used to other cats and dogs. 


Age:  9 weeks at 6/5/18

Sex: Male, neuter before before adoption

Description:  Cirrus is such a pretty ivory color with darker ears and striped.tail.  He is curious and playful, and quite independent, although he is warming up to more snuggles and love.


Age:  Approx. 4 yrs

Sex:  Female, spayed

Description:  Marlo was found as a wondering stray and brought into foster.  She has beautiful marbling in her pale ginger coat and huge, pale amber eyes.  She is affectionate, loves company but not necessarily a cuddly lap cat.  She truly needs a second chance!

7 Black kittens

Age:  8 weeks at 5/26/18

Sex: 4 males, 3 females

 Description:  Each one of these precious babies will soon e ready to find their forever homes, but in the meantime, they are such a pleasure to watch as they play, and explore and enjoy each others company.  


Age:  9 weeks at 6/5/18

Sex:  Male, neuter before adoption

Description:  This little brown tabby is a gentle little soul, but is also playful and adventurous.  He just wants a home of his own and his human to love him!


Age:  9 weeks at 6/5/18

Sex:  Female, spay before adoption

Description:  She is the smallest of her litter, and also a little more shy than her siblings, but with time and patience she is going to grow into a very beautiful companion.


Age:  9 weeks at 6/5/18

Sex: female, spay before adoption

Description: This fluffy little dark tabby girl is laid back and happy to be playing with her siblings or curled up napping.  She needs someone to love her in her purrrfect forever home! 


Age:  9 weeks at 6/5/18

Sex: female, spay before adoption

Description:  Who can resist those tufted ears and that adorable little face?  Corolla is learning to really enjoy a good snuggle, when she's not playing with her siblings.


Age:  9 weeks at 6/5/18

Sex: male, neuter before adoption

Description:  Definitely the leader of the pack - outgoing, confidant, and seeks attention.  Cruiser is also a little lovebug!


Age:  Young adult

Sex:  Female

Description:  Harlequin is a very affectionate and loving girl around humans, but she would rather not compete for your love with other kitties - she wants to be your only love and she is worth it.