The Purrrfect Match!

 If you find your purrrfect family addition here, please either contact us or submit an application for adoption by email at  Please include a contact telephone number for us to reach you at.  We'll put you in touch with the foster parent to arrange a meet and greet.  


Age:  Approx. DOB 3/22/18

Sex:  Female, spayed 7/5/18

Description:  She is a really smart little torti!  She is a little cautious in a new environment and will need a little time to fall in love with her human and gain the confidence of your reassurance.  Perhaps a quiet home is best where she can be the center of attention.


 Age:  DOB 4/20/16

Sex:  Female, spayed 2/7/17

Description:  Emma is in a very happy, multi cat home but she is picked on by the others.  Emma has no claws, the result of a medical condition as a kitten.  She is a real love bug and needs a home that will keep her safe, and be very responsive to all of the love that she will give.


 Age: Approx. 3 months at 10/3/18

Sex: Female, spayed 10/9/18

Description:  A little bit shy until you have her in your arms, and she melts!  Loves to play with her pom-pom.  She is looking for a gentle forever home that will help build her confidence. 


 Age:  Adult, maybe 3 years

Sex: Female, spayed 9/25/18

Description:  Now that she can enjoy a future without raising kittens, Stripes is ready to start a new and happy chapter in her life.  She is affectionate, playful, and needs a home without another adult female cat.


Age: Approx DOB 3/22/18
Sex:  Female, spayed 7/5/18

Description:  Twin sister to Bean Baby, but a little larger.  Lovable and sweet, very friendly and outgoing.  She is mostly black with little white spots on her chest, tummy and armpits. 


 Age:  Approx. DOB 4/30/18 Sex:  Female, spayed 8/7/18  Description:  Mom was pure Siamese!  Marigold is curious, loves to play with toys and siblings, but will settle into a nice warm lap to take a well-earned nap. 


Age: Approx. 6 months old at 10/4/18

Sex: Female, spayed 9/26/18

Description:  Very much a little Torti - independent, but lovable on her terms.  Cinderella had a rough start but is now healthy and ready to take her new  home by storm.  She is fine with gentle kids, kind dogs, and other cats.


Age:  Approx. 9 weeks at 10/4/18

Sex: male, neuter before adoption

Description:  Meet Sora!  What a little doll-baby he is.  He loves to be cuddled, but loves to play too.  Sora will do well in nearly any loving home with gentle dogs and gentle children.  He has such pretty tabby markings!   


 Age:  DOB 4/1/18

Sex: Female, spayed 9/26/18

Description:  Dorme had a bit of a rough start being bottle-raised from 10 days old, but is now ready to move on to her next adventure - a loving, furrever home!  She is a classic Torti, but not so much of the classic "tortitude".  She is gentle, loving and has a very sweet personality.


Age: Approx. DOB 4/3/18

Sex: Female, Spayed 8/7/18

Description:  Almost black, from a Siamese mom!  Such a sweetie and looking for her next adventure in your forever home.  She is quite the little explorer, but very cuddly too.  


Age: Approx. 1 year.

 Sex: Female, spayed 8/8/17 Description: Oh, what a pretty girl you are Kiera! Kierra is very affectionate but loves to play too. She has a colorful personality to match her beautiful calico markings .... now all she needs is the purrfect family to call her own.  


Age:  Approx 4 months

Sex:  Male, Neutered 6/15/18

Description:   The last to seek human contact, Waffles can be a little "squirrely" when  he's picked up, but he doesn't run away . . . unless he's running to  play!  He just needs a little more convincing that snuggling is a good  thing.   


Age:  Approx. DOB 3/22/18
Sex:  Female, spayed 7/5/18
Description:  The ultimate little sweetheart - her face says it all!  She is curious, playful and loves to be loved.  She is looking for YOU!


 Age:  Approx. DOB 3/22/18
Sex:  Female, spayed 7/5/18
Description:  Star is a little purr-baby who loves her toys and a good snuggle.  She is confident and ready to find her purrrfect forever home!


Age: Adult, Approx 2 years

Sex: Female, spayed 3/27/18

Description:  Beautiful Marlo desperately needs a home to call her own.  She is so sweet and loving, but her elderly adoptive mom has relocated and couldn't take her.  Please give this girl another chance at happiness!


Age:  DOB 3/20/18

Sex:  Female, spayed 6/15/18

Description:  A stunningly beautiful Torti with "tortitude"!  She is feisty, playful and somewhat suspicious of us humans until she gets to know us.  She watches your every move, so it is just a matter of time until she decides that she will let you love on her! 

Anaka and Lumia

 Age:  5 Months at 10/1/18
Sex:  Both female, spayed 9/11/18
Description:  Double vision?  Not really, just twice the love, but they do not need to be adopted together.  Hand raised from 2 weeks old, its been a bumpy road, but they are both super healthy now and eagerly awaiting their forever homes.


 Age:  Approx. 1 year

Sex:  Male, neutered 8/31/17

 Description: Kaleb is so handsome, so energetic, and so playful.  He gets along with other kitties just fine and is patiently waiting for his furrever family to come along and snatch him up into a home where love and fun abounds.


Age: Approx. 8 months at 10/19/18

Sex: Male, neutered 7/2/18

Description: Shadow and Pepper are a bonded pair of brothers who are looking to bring a ton of joy and love to the family lucky enough to take them home. 


Age:  Approx. 8 months at 10/19/18

Sex: Male, neutered  6/28/18

Description:  Pepper and his brother Shadow would ideally love a home together as they have never been apart.  The last adoptive mom had to leave them behind when she moved.  They are lovable, playful and a delightful pair to have around.