The Purrrfect Match!

 If you find your purrrfect family addition here, please either contact us or submit an application for adoption by email at  Please include a contact telephone number for us to reach you at.  We'll put you in touch with the foster parent to arrange a meet and greet.  



Age:  Approx. 10 months at 2/9/19

Sex:  Female, spayed 2/12/19

Description:  Bella is looking for a second chance at a forever home.  She was too lively and energetic for her first family.  She is very sweet, gets along with other cats and lived with a dog.  



Age:  Approx. 1  1/2 years

Sex:  Male, neutered 8/31/17 

Description: Kaleb is so handsome, so energetic, and so playful.  He gets along with other kitties just fine and is patiently waiting for his furrever family to come along and snatch him up into a home where love and fun abounds.



 Age:  Approx. 9 months at 2/18/19

Sex:  Female,  fixed 10/6/18

Description:  Bonnie needs a special home - one that will accept her as she is with no expectations of a cuddly lap cat.  She wants your companionship and love, and will probably be a great indoor mouser, but she isn't keen on being picked up and cuddled.  



Age:  Adult

Sex: Male, neutered

Description:  This beautiful boy was left homeless in a divorce situation. He is neutered and healthy. He is a head-butting, leg-rubbing lover named, of course, Romeo, who has the prettiest light blue-green eyes. He seems okay with dogs and other cats.  If you have a home for him, you will be rewarded with his loving devotion. 



Age:  Young adult

Sex: Female, spayed 8/8/2018

Description:  Lily has proved that she belonged to someone once - she craves and demands loving.  She is now in foster care, waiting patiently for her second chance at kitty bliss with a family who will give her all the attention she deserves.  She has some very minor health issues that should not incur vet bills.  Can you give her that second chance?