The Purrrfect Match!

 If you find your purrrfect family addition here, please either contact us or submit an application for adoption by email at  Please include a contact telephone number for us to reach you at.  We'll put you in touch with the foster parent to arrange a meet and greet.  


Age: Approx. DOB 4/30/18

Sex: Female, spayed 8/7/18

Description:  Mom was pure Siamese!  Marigold is curious, loves to play with toys, and other cats, but will settle into a nice warm lap to take a well-earned nap.


Age:  Approx. 12 weeks at 12/11/18

Sex: Female, spayed 12/11/18

Description:  This precious little girl is all cuddles and love.  She is also playful and curious to explore the world around her.  She would love to explore a home of her own in the care of a gentle and loving family.


 Age: Approx. 3 months at 10/3/18

Sex: Female, spayed 10/9/18

Description:  A little bit shy until you have her in your arms, and she melts!  Loves to play with her pom-pom.  She is looking for a gentle forever home that will help build her confidence. 


 Age:  Approx.  8 weeks as of 11/5/18

Sex:  Male, neutered 12/11/18

Description:  Almost all white with siamese tail, this little sweetheart is full of love and energy.  He will melt in your arms, and make you smile with his adorable and developing personality.  


Age:  Approx. 1 yearSex:  Male, neutered 8/31/17 Description: Kaleb is so handsome, so energetic, and so playful.  He gets along with other kitties just fine and is patiently waiting for his furrever family to come along and snatch him up into a home where love and fun abounds.


 Age:  Approx. DOB 3/22/18 Sex:  Female, spayed 7/5/18 Description:  The ultimate little sweetheart - her face says it all!  She is curious, playful and loves to be loved.  She is looking for YOU! 


Age: Approx. DOB 4/3/18

Sex: Female, Spayed 8/7/18

Description:  Almost black, from a Siamese mom!  Such a sweetie and looking for her next adventure in your forever home.  She is quite the little explorer, but very cuddly too.  


Age: Approx. 1 year.

 Sex: Female, spayed 8/8/17 Description: Oh, what a pretty girl you are Kiera! Kierra is very affectionate but loves to play too. She has a colorful personality to match her beautiful calico markings .... now all she needs is the purrfect family to call her own.  


Age:  Approx 4 months

Sex:  Male, Neutered 6/15/18

Description:   The last to seek human contact, Waffles can be a little "squirrely" when  he's picked up, but he doesn't run away . . . unless he's running to  play!  He just needs a little more convincing that snuggling is a good  thing.   


Age: 4 months Nov 2018

Sex: Male, neutered 11/27/18

Description: Gentle, loving, cuddly and playful.  Good with other cats but I get the feeling that he would love a kingdom all to himself too!  Gentle dogs are fine.


Age:  4 months Nov 2018

Sex:  Male, neutered 11/27/18

Description:  Curious and very playful.  Very lovable personality,  loves to be close to his human.  Gentle dogs are not a problem for this wee-rounded little guy.


Age: 4 months Nov 2018

Sex: Male, neutered 11/27/18

Description:  The quintessential little tabby with a really naughty face!  Sinbad is gentle and lovable, but loves to go after his toys with gusto!


Age: 4 months Nov 2018

Sex: Male, neutered 12/11/18.

Description:  This handsome little guy is a cuddle-bug and an entertainer.  He loves his toys and enjoys playing with his siblings.  Gentle dogs are okay.

Black Rose

Age: 4 months Nov 2018

Sex: Female, spayed 12/11/18

Description:  This sweet little girl is waiting for a loving home that will appreciate her gentle personality and enjoy her playful antics.  She is fine  with other cats and mindful dogs.


Age: 4 months Nov 2018

Sex: Female, spayed 12/11/18

Description:  Inky craves love and attention, but also loves to explore and play.  She is good with other cats, and gentle dogs are okay.


Age:  Approx. 4 months

Sex:  Female, spay before adoption

Description:  How can you resist that precious little face?  Apparantly someone who let her become a stray could!  Clover is very lovable, craves attention, and will amuse you with her playful antics.  


Age:  Approx. 4 months

Sex: Female, spayed 10/23/18

Description:  This hard to photograph little black darling is very ready to find a home of her own!  She is energetic and playful, but also has a gentle side that says "love me and cuddle me"!

Splash and Spritz

Age:  Approx. 4 months

Sex:  Male and female,  fixed 10/6/18

Description:  This brother and sister pair need a home together - they have never been apart!  Slightly "special needs" due to recurring URI that they may or may not grow out of.  Splash (boy) is THE most needy and loving kitten that I have ever raised!